Chapter 14 sexual abuse and other difficult issues

Sexual assault is such a horrible crime. It could and often cripple the victim for life. It is very hard for the victim to escape the horrible imprint on their mind and body throughout their whole life. Recently, it is wonderful to watch the event of Jaycee Dugard.

She did set a remarkable example.  She shows great hope for many victims.  She understands that there is nothing wrong with her. She just had an awful luck of encountering with evil criminals. She would not allow herself to be continually victimized by those events. She loves herself, her life and tried to make the best of her everyday life.

To make it even more cruel to the victim is the fact often the perpetrators were the family members of the victims. I have seen a few of such cases. To overcome such trauma is very difficult. Some, however, do successfully turn their life around. One such person is my patient Myra. When I first saw her, she had the episodes of personality shift, turning into an out of control, nasty, crazy monster when she encountered something very unpleasant.  She had no awareness of such transformation until her husband could not take it anymore.

Anyway, she made remarkable transformation and was able to emerge from the dark side. She also wrote her journey down which was therapeutic to her. She published it in the book; “Homeward bound” and gave me a copy. I think it could be of some help for other people. I am so proud of her and happy for her.

I am duplicating the cover page of the book so that people who are interested can get onto the website and check the book out.