At the Beach on K'un Ming Hu (A Panorama of the Summer Palace)
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My Dream

is to unlock the secrets of the traditional Asian healing arts , understand them in terms of our current scientific language, improve upon it through application of modern technology, helping people solving their medical issues that eluded modern medical care while having a good time.

Why acupuncture, why herbal medicine or for that matter, why alternative medicine?

The obvious reason is these varieties of health care practices address or try to address the deficiency of current medical system. 

What is meant by deficiency? It means that our medical practice should have been much more effective than our current status of art. The culprit is the over whelmed focus on symptom control, not aiming for a long lasting solution for the problem. The reason,  profit.

Say a person comes in in the office for arthritis. The diagnosis will be first to differentiate what type of arthritis. Just say, an osteoarthritis, then anti-inflammatory medication will be prescribed. If it does not work, then, either increase the dosage and/or add some pain killers and anti-depressive.  Sometimes, narcotic medicine are prescribed. 

Why not address the causes of osteoarthritis? Well,  anti-inflammatory medications are golden mine for drug company. Our best mind, academic or industrial scientists are busy designing next anti-inflammatory medicine. There is no financial incentive to develop ways to cure osteoarthritis.

Can osteoarthritis be cured? Based on observations from lots of patients, the answer is absolutely yes to a great extent. As a matter of fact, it is not complicated.  It does not require you to purchase lots of supplements. I will explain in detail in the treatments chapters.

This is just an example of the deficiency. There are lots of others you will find in the following chapters.

The deficiency can't be remedied because it is dictates by our economical system. But from personal perspective, it is important to find out the best option for your problems. Your long term welfare is in your hands and the task is too important to give to our medical system to decide.


with Newton

I and  a giant,  Sir Issac Newton

GGood health reflects a well-tuned body and mind. Most majority of people are capable of achieving such status without great effort. A medical provider's job is to facilitate  patients achieving this goal. 

my personal convictionc

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Licensed, State of California. Practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine in Pacific Beach of San Diego and Corona area since 1998.

Faculty Member - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine,

Expert Consultant - State of California Acupuncture Examination Board.

M.S. degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the best TCM schools in U.S.

M.S. degree in clinical chemistry from Cleveland State University. Ph.D. in electro and analytical/electrochemistry chemistry from Michigan State University, East Lansing.

R/D in biomedical industry for over 16 years, developing life- saving clinical instruments and devices. Have one U.S. patent issued.

Resident of many fine cities in the U.S. including: Richmond, VA, Lincoln Park, NJ, Bayside, NYC, Lexington, MA, Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN ,Sandy, UT, San Francisco and the beautiful city of San Diego, California.


Image from "At the Beach on K'un Ming Hu (A Panorama of the Summer Palace)", published in Peking the beautiful by Herbert Clarence White, 1927, courtesy of the public archive collections from the NYPL Digital Gallery.

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